💼Connecting Your Wallet

Always make sure the URL is app.playa3ull.games

Using Your Wallet Provider

Connecting to the PLAYA3ULL GAMES dApp is extremely simple, aided by the inherent security of the blockchain, it's as easy as clicking a button and authorising the connection.

In the top-right corner of the dApp, you will see a person icon, clicking this displays the list of wallet providers we support, as shown below. You can view planned providers to be implemented over at Planned Wallet Support.

Select a wallet provider from the list, and a popup to sign the transaction will appear in your wallet.

Approving the sign-in message will connect your wallet to the dApp, and retrieve all relevant information associated with that wallet. No passwords, no emails, just a single secure authentication method for everything.

And that's it! Feel free to take a look around the dApp, and when you're ready, check out the My Account page.


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Planned Wallet Support

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