PLAYA3ULL GAMES' ecosystem is a technologically advanced framework designed to support decentralized gaming experiences. At the core of this system is the Avalanche Subnet, which underpins the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Blockchain. It provides essential attributes such as secure operations, infinite scalability, and fast transactions, making it ideal for gaming applications.

Complementing this is the Master Node Network, responsible for powering decentralized blockchain indexing, blockchain querying, and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) storage. This component facilitates a seamless and efficient interaction with the blockchain and the storage of various data.

Overall, the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem is a robust and advanced network designed to support the unique requirements of decentralized gaming, combining high-speed transactions, secure operations, and scalable solutions.


Avalanche Subnet

Powers the underlying PLAYA3ULL GAMES Blockchain, ensuring security, infinite scalability, and speed.

Master Node Network

Powers decentralized blockchain indexing, blockchain querying and IPFS storage.

Query Service

Scalable decentralised indexing and querying of the blockchain, allowin games to query the blockchain at speed.

IPFS Storage

Decentralised IPFS storage, primarily used for NFT metadata and image storage.

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