Purchasing NEXUS NFTs allow you to use the purchased skins in game whilst playing NEXUS. Run around in style wearing any of the amazing skins we have to offer!

Purchasing a NEXUS NFT also unlocks it's PFP for use on your account in the dApp.

Purchasing a NEXUS NFT

To purchase a NEXUS NFT, head over to https://app.playa3ull.games/nfts/nexus to view all of the current skins that are on sale. Most skins are of a limited supply, and once they are all minted, they cannot be minted anymore.

Upon purchases, you will receive both the NEXUS NFT skin in your inventory, as well as have access to set your PFP to the NEXUS PFP of your purchased skin, as long as you hold the NFT in your inventory.

Transferring Your Token

You can transfer your NEXUS NFT any time via your wallet provider.

Trading Your Token

You can buy or sell previous skins via the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Marketplace, found here https://app.playa3ull.games/marketplace. Here you can make an offer on other users tokens, or create a listing for your own token, so other users can purchase it from you.

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