A 3ULL PFP allows you to design and customize a unique profile picture out of a wide variety of traits and attributes.

Each 3ULL PFP is unique, and able to be customized until your hearts content! Once you're happy with your 3ULL PFP, you can mint it and own it, and also receive unique benefits for owning it!

The total possible combinations of traits and attributes that you can choose from when designing your PFP is 2,926,264,320.

The maximum number of 3ULL PFPs that can be minted is 3,333, and will only ever be 3,333. This means once the 3,333rd token is minted, no more can ever be minted again.

Purchasing a 3ULL PFP

To get your very own 3ULL PFP, head over to https://app.playa3ull.games/nfts/3ull to view the NFT designer, where you can select from a variety of traits and attributes to make your PFP truly yours.

Once you're happy with your selections, you can mint the token.

Ownership Benefits

Owning a 3ULL PFP gives you the opportunity to earn more rewards, just by playing games. See the list below of current ownership benefits that apply to ecosystem rewards:



P2E 5% boost

Earn 5% additional rewards when completing P2E tasks


coming soon

coming soon

Transferring Your Token

The 3ULL PFP is unable to be transferred traditionally until all 3,333 have sold.

You can transfer your 3ULL PFP by trading it via the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Marketplace here https://app.playa3ull.games/marketplace. This can either be done by making an offer on a 3ULL PFP you like, or by listing your own 3ULL PFP for buyers to purchase.

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