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The Avalanche Subnet is a key foundation of the Avalanche network, serving as the underlying blockchain that powers it. The Subnet provides a highly scalable and secure infrastructure, enabling a multitude of decentralized applications, including the PLAYA3ULL Games.

As the backbone of the Avalanche network, the Subnet ensures robust security and infinite scalability, vital for high-performance applications such as gaming. It can process thousands of transactions per second with near-instant confirmation times, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring rapid and secure transactions.

In the context of the PLAYA3ULL Games, the Avalanche Subnet brings advantages like speed, security, and scalability, enabling a seamless and efficient gaming experience on the blockchain. It serves as the primary blockchain layer, upon which the entire PLAYA3ULL ecosystem operates.

Become an Avalanche Validator

Node owners are on an application basis at this time, as this powers the fundamentals of the network, we need to ensure reliable strong validator's are powering the PLAYA3ULL Games Network

Submit your application here, with your validator IDs


We recommend you understand the fundamentals of AvalancheGo and running a Validator Node https://docs.avax.network/nodes/build/run-avalanche-node-manually

You need to become an Avalanche validator, see: https://docs.avax.network/nodes/build/set-up-node-with-installer

We recommend using state sync for bootstrapping speed, and disk space see: https://docs.avax.network/nodes/maintain/chain-config-flags#state-sync

Add validator to the Avalanche validator set https://docs.avax.network/nodes/validate/add-a-validator

Next Steps

Use either:

  • Avalanche CLI

  • Manual Config

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