🟩Master Nodes

The Master Node Network is a fundamental component of the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem, providing critical infrastructure for decentralized blockchain indexing, querying, and IPFS storage. It ensures secure and efficient access to the network, enabling games to query the blockchain quickly.

Check out the whitepaper for all the information on the Introduction Page

Uptime Requirements

You currently do not need to run the Master Node Software.

As a Master Node License owner, you play a crucial role in the operation of the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. The following are some important considerations and requirements regarding uptime for your Master Node:

  1. Node Activation: You will be required to download and activate the Node Software on a single computer. The power of the computer isn't a primary concern at this stage.

  2. Multiple Master Nodes: If you own more than one Master Node License, you can activate the Node Software on a single computer. Despite the number of Master Nodes being activated from a single machine, you will still receive rewards for each Master Node License associated with your Wallet.

  3. Uptime Requirement: A minimum uptime of 8 hours per day is estimated for each Master Node. Maintaining this uptime is essential as it ensures the smooth functioning of the network.

  4. Impact of Downtime: Failure to meet the uptime requirement could result in forfeiture of your node/s rewards. These would then be redistributed to other node owners who are maintaining the necessary uptime.

It's essential to meet these requirements to ensure the efficient operation of the Master Node Network and to continue receiving the rewards associated with your Master Node Licenses.


Decentralized Blockchain Indexing

Master nodes maintain and manage the blockchain ledger, ensuring the indexing of all transactions. This function helps to maintain an accurate record of all transactions and data stored on the blockchain, allowing efficient data retrieval and verification when needed.

Blockchain Querying

Master nodes enable fast, efficient querying of the blockchain. This allows games and users to interact with the blockchain, executing transactions and accessing data at high speed, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

IPFS Storage

Master nodes also provide InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) storage, a peer-to-peer decentralized network. It is primarily used for storing NFT metadata and image data. This ensures secure, distributed storage and access to key digital assets in the ecosystem.

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