🌟Fractional Nodes

Purchasing a Fractional Node may at first appear daunting, however the process to do so is actually quite simple.

Important Note

Fractional Nodes does not offer any of the additional benefits of owning a node in full, this means you will not get access to VI3 automatically, or the associated Discord roles.

Understanding Pools

As Fractional Nodes are a shared asset amongst a group of people, there needs to be a way to track each individual users portion, which is where pools come in. A pool is simply the on-chain representation of you

Step 1: Creating a Pool

Skip to Step 2 if you just want to purchase a fraction.

To create a pool, simply head over to the Fractional Nodes landing page, and configure how many participants you wish to include in your pool (this will determine the price of each fraction), and whether you want your pool to only allow whitelisted purchasers to participate (useful if you want to share a node with just your friends/family).

Once you're happy with your settings, go ahead and create the pool.

Step 2: Purchasing a Fraction

Now it's time to purchase a fraction of a pool, for this you can either purchase one from the pool you created in Step 1, or you can purchase a fraction in another pool, the steps will be similar regardless.

To find a pool to purchase a fraction in, click the "Find A Fractional Pool" tab, which will show you all the available pools you can participate in.

(If you wish to purchase a fraction from a pool you created in Step 1, click the "Manage My Pools" tab instead)

Click the "View" button to open up the pool details window, and here you can see all the current participants, the pool information, and the option to purchase a fraction.

Once you're ready, click the "Buy Now" button to purchase your fraction, and secure your spot in the pool. Once the pool is filled, the node will be minted, and you and the other participants can start earning rewards.

Step 3: Claiming Rewards

Now that the pool you are participating in has filled up, the node has been minted to a shared "manager" contract. This will be the contract you interact with in order to claim your rewards. To do this, click the "My Fractional Nodes" tab.

Now, at any time you see fit, you can click the "Claim" button to claim your rewards.

And that's it! Fractional Nodes allows you to have more options when it comes to node ownership!

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