Bridging Your Tokens

A step-by-step guide on bridging your tokens from one chain to another.


In regards to the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem, we use the terms native and foreign chains. The native chain refers to the chain that holds the native token of the ecosystem, so in our case that is the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Chain. Foreign chains therefore refer to chains that are not the native chain, such as Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, etc.
Refers to
Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, etc

Bridge from the native chain to a foreign chain

To begin the bridging process, head over to the PLAYA3ULL GAMES dApp by using one of the links provided above. If you are already on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES dApp, you can click the
icon in the top-right to head to the bridge page. You will be presented with a screen as follows:
Now, connect your wallet to the dApp if you haven't already, and ensure that you are on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Network, either testnet or the mainnet depending on the environment you wish to bridge on. To quickly switch back to the PLAYA3ULL network, you can click the
icon in the top-right of the dApp window.
Alternatively, you can select the network you wish to bridge from via the bridge UI. In the image above, the dropdown directly across from the label "From". Here you can select the network to bridge from.
Now that we're connected to the PLAYA3ULL GAMES network, select the chain that you wish to bridge to. This can be done by clicking the dropdown directly across from the "To" label, in the lower section of the bridge.

Select and bridge your tokens

Choose which token you wish to bridge from the native chain to a foreign chain by clicking the dropdown below the "From" label. In the image above, we have selected the 3ULL native token.
Once you've chosen the token, enter the number of them that you wish to bridge to the foreign chain in the text field, or, if you wish to bridge all of them, click the "Max" button.
When you're ready, click the "Bridge Tokens" to begin the bridging process.

Bridging the tokens

Once you have clicked the "Bridge Tokens" button, you will be presented with the following popup:
Step 1: Confirm Transaction(s)
This screen is informing you that a transaction needs to be confirmed in MetaMask to proceed. Once you've confirmed this transaction, we will move to the next step.
Step 2: Wait for tokens to be bridged
This next step requires no input from your end, and instead is an automatic process performed by the bridge itself. The UI will update automatically once the tokens have been bridged, and we will move to the third step.
Step 3: Confirmation of bridge
The third and final step informs you that the process is complete, and your tokens were successfully bridged to the foreign chain.

Tokens bridged

Congratulations! You successfully bridged your tokens from the native chain to a foreign chain.
You can use any of the decentralized exchanges list on Liquidity & Bridge to trade your 3ULL