The network is designed to comprise 50,000 nodes, each being a vital element in the ecosystem's functionality and security. With a total of 50 billion 3ULL coins on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Blockchain.

The network releases 13,698,630 3ULL coins per day, with 50% divided equally among the node owners and the remaining 50% allocated to the company for operations. The company uses its share to fund overall operations, purchase games, and support ongoing game development. As the number of nodes increases, the number of coins that Node Owners receive decreases proportionally.

Additionally, the Master Node Network has a dynamic pricing system for the nodes. The initial 100 nodes are priced at $100 each, and the price increases by $100 for each subsequent set of 100 nodes sold.

Once all coins are distributed, Node Owners receive a small fee for each transaction in exchange for hosting the nodes. This approach ensures that the network continues to be self-sustaining even after the initial coin distribution is complete. The fee's from the blockchain are currently being accumulated, to extend the 3ULL rewards once we have minted all coins.

See 🔥 Coin Burn for information on our Deflationary Mechanism

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