Verify Compromised Wallet

In some instances, you may be asked to verify your compromised wallet and your new preferred wallet. You will only ever be asked to do this via a ticket in the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Discord server.

To complete the verification process, head over to, and follow the steps below:

You cannot use the same wallet to sign the messages between steps. All wallets must be unique.

  1. Copy the message to sign from the ticket in the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Discord server.

  2. Paste the message in the text field:

  3. Make sure your wallet is connected to the dApp, and click the "Sign Message" button under the "Wallet 1" section:

  4. You will receive a request in MetaMask to sign a message. This action does not involve the blockchain, so you do not pay gas nor send funds anywhere. Authorise the signature request in MetaMask.

  5. Once signed, the "Wallet 1" section will update to show the signer address, and the signature itself:

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the "Wallet 2" section.

  7. Now that you have both signatures, reply in the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Discord ticket with the signatures by pressing the "Copy Verification Message" as below:

  8. Once you have copied the verification message, paste it in the ticket in the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Discord server as is, do not edit it.

Now that the verification message has been generated and sent to the staff team, a staff member will verify and respond to your case.

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